Fret-King Lightweight ABS Case - Esprit

€217,35 €200,00

The Fret-King ABS case is the best way to protect your� instrument, bar none. Sleek, sturdy and strong, the ABS case is bombproof to the elements on the outside, but will hold your� guitar as snugly and gently as a newborn baby. Precision moulded inside and out to ensure an exact ?t for your instrument, the ABS case features a series of lockable catches, and a handy inner� compartment to allow you to store your essential accessories.� The plush interior will keep your guitar or bass pristine and� scratch-free, and the whole package is lightweight enough to� make transport simple and easy. The ideal combination of� protection, strength and security, the Fret-King ABS case� provides the ultimate protection for your valuable instrument.