Glider Rolling Capo



No screws, clamps, or rubber bands to slow you down. With the touch of your thumb, you sail The Glider up or down the fingerboard! Keep playing through seamless key changes. No take off required! If you're not using it, just glide it over the nut! Say Good-bye to tuning problems. The Glider's Equi-Glide dual tensioning system levels the capo for even pressure on the neck so YOU STAY IN TUNE, period.

  • Performance Features:
  • Equal tension springs distribute uniform pressure on both sides of the fingerboard.
  • Two Rollers: The top roller glides over the strings and frets the guitar. The back roller cradles and cushions the neck, centering The Glider so the the guitar stays in tune.
  • Quick and Easy to Use! Simply remove the end cap and center The Glider on the fret board (it doesn't have to sit on the fret - making it kinder to fret construction and there's more room to wrap your thumb over the neck.)
  • STAY IN TUNE! The back roller centers The Glider and is kinder and gentler on fine lacquer finishes.