Grover Roto-Grip - Black Chrome

€212,75 €195,00

For standard guitars, set of 6. From the makers of the world�s finest machine heads, come the superb Grover -Roto-Grip� tuners, which now both lock and fine tune! With this new system, changing strings has never been easier - just thread the string through the tuner post hole, pull it tight, and turn the thumbwheel clockwise. An internal pin locks the string, and you�re ready to tune. Additionally, when replacing strings, Grover�s unique design prevents the thumb wheel from falling out, so you won�t lose it!With an 18:1 gear ratio, precise tuning occurs in seconds - just a few turns of the tuner button and you are -locked� in tune.Grover ROTO-GRIPS are available in standard and mini formats, and in the usual layout configurations.