Maestro Illuminated Baton

€36,79 €33,00

The �Maestro-Lite� features a virtually unbreakable Lexan� polycarbonate shaft and an easy to grip, soft textured handle for comfort.

The shaft illuminates along the entire length� with a special concentration of light at the very tip making it easy for musicians to follow the tempo and creating a dazzling stage effect.

The baton also features unique �try-me� packaging allowing the consumer to� light up� the baton without damaging the attractive packaging.

The high output LED�s will last 100,000+ hours and two extra batteries are included.

� Entire baton shaft is illuminated!
� Tip has accent glow!
� Virtually unbreakable Lexan� polycarbonate!
� Correctly balanced
� LED will last 100,000+ hours!
� On-Off switch to save batteries!
� Extra batteries include