Marca Excel Reeds ~ 10 Pack ~ Bb Clarinet ~ 4

€34,49 €30,00

MARCA Excel reeds are the latest result of Marca�s intensive research and design. The Excel is crafted from Marca�s choicest cane and boasts an excellent cut that allows superior vibration in collaboration with the mouthpiece curve. The results in a more balanced tone quality and sensitive response throughout the instrument�s range. Players will especially enjoy the crisp attack the Excel provides during articulated passages, as well the ease afforded to high-register notes.

Features & Benefits:
� Designed for all-around use with a special emphasis on wind ensemble, orchestral and chamber play.
� Excellent and fastest response in all registers.
� Allows for attack throughout range of instrument with added ease in the high register.
� Marca reeds are hand-finished and made from only the French grown cane
� High Quality Made.