Marca Superieure Reeds - 10 Pack - German Clarinet - 5

€34,49 €30,00

MARCA SUPERIEURE REEDSTHE NEW TECHNOLOGY FOR SUCCESSFUL MUSIC �Ongoing refinements in Marca�s manufacturing processes have resulted in a reed of both the highest quality and most uniform consistency. While professionals can benefit from these high-quality reeds� fine balance, rich timbre, and lively response, educators and students will fin them long-lasting and, most important, consistently playable, reed after reed, box after box. Features & Benefits:� All Marca reeds strength selection are controlled during making process.� The flexibility of the reeds, the finest quality of the cane, gives to the Marca reeds the uniformity and balance of the reed strength.� Marca Sup�rieure Reeds The Marca Sup�rieure reeds are available for the all saxophones and clarinets instruments.� Canes are selected one by one, producing high quality reeds, we must selected the finest cane and control each one.� High Quality Made.