Odyssey Symphonique 'C' Piccolo Outfit ~ Wood Body

€665.85 €600.00

Music is an essential part of all our lives. It inspires, entertains, and lifts the soul. In the hands of capable players, the instruments of the brass and woodwind family spice up rock music, swing with big band, swoop and soar with jazz, proclaim with brass band, and in an orchestral context can shock the heart with the stridency of conflict, shout out joy and celebration or produce mellifluous tones to sooth the listener with a flood of warmth and well-being. The heart of an instrument is timbre. Designed by Master Craftsman Peter Pollard, one of the most sought after custom brass and woodwind builders in the world, Odyssey Symphonique� Series instruments offer levels of specification, finesse, playability and nuanced quality which are essential to experienced professionals.

� C key
� Wooden body
� 15 keys
� Quality pads and springs
� Silver-plated keywork
� Hard shell case wood case/leatherette cover with padded carry bag
� Accessories: Cleaning cloth, cleaning rod