On-Stage Foam Studio Monitor Platform - Large pair

€34,49 €30,00

By decoupling studio monitors from their workspace, the ASP3021 isolates the true tone and frequency range of playback recordings. Without the use of On-Stage Acoustic Speaker Platforms, studio monitors build-up bass frequencies on hard surfaces; creating the semblance of a low-end in the mix. By creating separation between the speakers and the work surface with these durable foam wedges, studio engineers will enjoy a more accurate audio picture of their recordings.

The ASP3021 will accommodate studio monitors up to 15.25� in width and 11� in depth.

��Dimensions: 15.25" x 11" x 1.5" per platform
��Weight: .3 lbs. each; about .7 lbs. per pair
��Includes two bases and two wedges