Pigtronix Disnortion Micro Effects Pedal

€194.35 €175.00

The Pigtronix Disnortion Micro packs all the sonic glory and 18V headroom of the original analog Fuzz and Overdrive circuits from the large format Disnortion pedal into a miniature version that runs on 9-volts.

The original, 3-footswitch Disnortion pedal was in production from 2005 to 2015 and remains in constant use with world-class bands such�as Queens of the Stone Age, Aerosmith, Living Colour and Muse.

The original Pigtronix Disnortion is loved for its limitless headroom, making it compatible with any instrument, from the weakest 60�s pawnshop single coils to the most belligerent humbuckers, as well as 5-string active basses and modern synth rigs. Pigtronix Disnortion�Micro achieves this world-class performance standard using standard 9v power� and fits in your pocket!

� 6-stage CMOS Overdrive
� Diode-clipping Fuzz
� 6-way passive filter network
� Series / Parallel Switching
� 18v internal headroom
� True Bypass switching
� Size = 3.75� x 1.5� x 1.75�
� Sound design by David Koltai