Pigtronix Philosopher Bass Compressor Micro

€171.35 €150.00

Pigtronix Philosopher Bass Compressor Micro brings the heralded Philosopher�s Tone compressor circuit to bassists in a micro-sized stompbox format. The SUSTAIN control on this pedal varies the compression threshold to provide everything from subtle peak limiting to infinite clean sustain, all with incredible low-end response. The Philosopher Bass Compressor also sports a BLEND knob, allowing the clean sound of your instrument to be heard in parallel with the optical compression. Blending some clean signal into the mix restores the instrument�s natural string attack, while simultaneously providing the musical benefits of additional punch and sustain.In addition to the wide-range analog compression circuit with unrivaled sustain and parallel blend, the Philosopher Bass Compressor�s GRIT knob blends in a harmonic distortion tuned especially for low-frequency domination. Used with a tube or solid state amp�or even straight into a mixing board, DI or DAW�the Philosopher Bass Compressor Micro delivers a new level of control and power to bass players at an affordable price. The Philosopher Bass Compressor features true-bypass switching and runs on standard 9VDC power with an internal, voltage-doubling circuit providing 18VDC power rails for superior performance with active basses. Never before has so much bass-friendly compression been squeezed into such a small package.� Noiseless Clean Sustain� Blend control for Parallel Compression� Grit control mixes in Bass Distortion� Runs on standard 9V external power� Internal 18V power for max headroom� True Bypass switching� Size = 3.75� x 1.5� x 1.75�