PP Drums 5pc Fusion Drum Kit ~ White

€412.85 €385.00

PP Drums new Fusion sized drum kit comes in four great colours and comes complete with stands, cymbals, drum stool and sticks.Everything you need to start drumming.Specification� Bass Drum: 20" x 16", 6 Lugs Per Side� Floor Tom: 14" x 14", 6 Lugs Per Side� Tom: 12" x 9", 5 Lugs Per Side� Tom: 10" x 8", 5 Lugs Per Side� Snare Drum: 14"x 5" 6 Lugs, Wood Shell� Hi-Hat stand - double braced� Cymbal stand - double braced� Snare Drum stand - double braced� Hi-Hat Cymbals: 12" Pair� Crash Cymbal: 14"� Drum Stool: Adjustable� Drum Key� Drum Sticks