PP World 25 Player Percussion Set ~ Key Stage 2

€343.85 €325.00

Utilising rudimentary rhythm skills gained from the PP World KS1 set, the KS2 can further assist participating children in reaching Key Stage 2 of Music in the National Curriculum. With KS2�s more defined instrument inventory, children can quickly gain more musical experience as they develop greater confidence and ability in how to perform music individually and in groups.

Consists of:
2 Pairs of 15cm cymbals
2 Pairs of 20cm cymbals
2 Pairs of claves
2 Finger castanets
1 pair of Maracas
1 20cm triangles
1 Piccolo cabasa
1 Agogo & beater
1 Solo tambourine
1 8-note chime bar set
3 Pairs of extra chime bar beaters
1 Tulip block & beater
1 Jingle stick
1 10cm tambour drum
1 25 note glockenspiel
1 Plastic storage chest