Santos Martinez Preludio Electro-Classic ~ Natural Gloss

€401.35 €350.00

With sculpted heel, and a stylish body cutaway for ease of upper fret access, and a Fishman Presys II�pre-amp system to faithfully recreate the signature tone of the traditional classical guitar, the award winning Preludio is a superb entr�e to the world of performance with an electro-classical guitar.

Fishman Presys II�Features:
� Onboard easy to read 7-segment LED tuner
� Bass & treble controls for enhanced tone shaping
� Smaller footprint for easy access to controls
� Volume control
� EQ shaping control
� Phase control
� Low battery indicator (9V battery)
� Surface mounted battery compartment
� Pre-wired Fishman Sonicore pickup
� Low profile control knobs