Snark Clip-on All Instrument Tuner/Metronome

€26.44 €15.00

Tunes all instruments including all guitars and all ochestra instruments.
Choose vibration sensor or built-in microphone to tune your instrument.
With microphone tuning, just clip the tuner to your instrument.�
Our Super Tight� tuning technology blocks most stray vibrations from other instruments or sound sources so your tuner stays locked onto the note you just played.

� Upgraded faster chip for even higher accuracy
� High resolution display
� Extended frequency range tunes all Instruments
� Fully chromatic tuner
� Display rotates 360 degrees
� �Stay Put� clip
� Fast and deadly accurate
� Tap tempo metronome
� Transpose feature
� Choose internal mic or high sensitivity vibration sensor
� Pitch calibration 415�466 Hz