Supro Retro Series - Titan 1 x 10" Tube Combo Amplifier (1642RT) w/Reverb and Tremolo


TITAN – 1 x 10"

The Supro Titan is a 50 Watt, 1x10" tube combo that cranks out astonishing stage volume

and massive clean headroom while maintaining the coveted, Class-A Supro sound.


• Class-A (50 Watts)

• Independent BASS and TREBLE


• All-tube reverb

• Output-tube tremolo

• Silicon Rectifier

• 6L6 power tubes

• 1×10 Supro HP10 HEMP CONE


• Blue Rhino Hide tolex

• Assembled in NY, USA

• Engineered by Bruce Zinky,

Thomas Elliot and David Koltai.