Supro Retro Series - Titan 1 x 12" Extension Cabinet (1742)


Titan Extension Cabinet

Supro 1742 Titan 1 x 12 Extension cabinet is the ideal companion to the compact-yet-mighty Titan 1×10 Combo Amplifier. Sized to fit perfectly underneath the Titan combo, this sealed back cabinet is loaded with a Supro HP12 speaker, as found in our Jupiter amplifier. This custom-made, high-power hemp cone driver adds considerable punch and additional projection to the Titan rig. With the extension cabinet connected, the Titan amplifier runs at 4-ohms, developing maximum power and headroom from its 6L6 Class-A output section. An ideal solution for pedal-based rigs, the Titan stacks provides a full 50 watts of Class-A tone with reverb and tremolo.


  • Supro HP12 Speaker

  • 8-Ohm Mono

  • Hemp Cone

  • 2” Voice coil 56oz Magnet

  • 75 Watts power handling

  • Cab Size: 19 7/32” x 9 7/16 ” x 14” – 49 x 24.5 x 36 cm

  • 28.5 lbs – 13 kg

  • Made by Eminence in USA