TV Jones Pickup - Bass Thunder'Blade with DeArmond Mount - Thunderblade


TV Jones Bass Thunder'Blade Pickup

Similar to the Thunder’Tron, but with steel blades instead of pole screws. The blades provide a larger magnetized surface area, producing greater inductance. The resulting tone retains the Thunder’Tron clarity, yet is full, bold and smooth. A great choice for basses with wider string spacing.


Likeness/Derived from: 
Thunder'Tron meets Super'Tron

Mounting Options available: 

   - NE Filter'Tron Mount - comes standard with short pole screws and compression rubber

   - English Mount -  no ring required when mounting from pickguard 
  • EM1 Ring Kit - USA Gibson-style ring with mounting screws
  • EM2 Ring Kit - Modified Gretsch ring with ring risers and mounting screws
  • EM3 Ring Kit - Dogear ring

PLEASE NOTE - Rings sold separately

   -  P-90 Soapbar Mount - comes with compression rubber - Choose your pickup colour and screw/blade colour

   -  DeArmond Mount - shims for fine tune adjusting included (mounting screws sold separately)

Mount Type of music best suited for: 

   • Country        • Rock n’ Roll        • Rockabilly        • Rock        • Jazz


*4 conductor wire is generally not recommended for the Thunder'Blade due to lower inductance, however, it is convenient for custom switching. Pickup ships ready for standard 2 conductor wiring.