TV Jones Pickup - Bass Thunder'Tron with Soapbar Mount (P90) - Thundertron


TV Jones Thunder'Tron Bass Pickup

Named by Saul Koll of the Koll Guitar Company for its' thunderous bottom-end. An all-around stand-out performer with superior dynamic sensitivity and punch. String-to-string response is excellent, and notes ring out with supreme fullness and clarity. 

More punch
Natural clarity
Responsive to touch

Likeness/Derived from: 
Mini humbucker bass pickups 

Mounting Options available: 

   - NE Filter'Tron Mount - comes standard with short pole screws and compression rubber

   - English Mount - no ring required when mounting on pickguard 
  • EM1 Ring Kit - USA Gibson-style Ring with mounting screws
  • EM2 Ring Kit - Modified Gretsch Ring with ring risers and mounting screws
  • EM3 Ring Kit - Dogear Ring

PLEASE NOTE - English Mount Rings sold separately.

   - Humbucker Mount (traditional Gibson-style humbucker housing) -plastic cover available upon request

   - P-90 Soapbar Mount - comes with compression rubber

   - DeArmond Mount - shims for fine tune adjusting included (mounting screws sold separately)

Type of music best suited for:

  • Country        • Rock n’ Roll        • Rockabilly        • Rock        • Jazz