TV Jones Pickup - T-90 with English Mount (EM)


T-90 Pickup - English (EM) Mount

The TV Jones answer to a traditional P90. A one of a kind sound that embodies a traditional P-90 design with the classic TV Jones growl. The result is a fuller, fatter P-90 pickup with clear transparent tones. 

Bridge: The bridge pickup has thicker highs and more defined lows than what is commonly heard from traditional P-90s. We use two 1/4" Filter'Tron bar magnets, as well as Filter'Tron pole screws, and wider pole-to-pole spacing on the bridge pickup. This provides more inductance for a thicker tone and plenty of dynamics. 

Neck: The neck pickup has two 1/8" alnico IV bar magnets which contributes to it's clarity and warmth. It is considerably less boomy than traditional P-90s. 

Likeness/Derived from:


Mounting Options available:

   - Professional Gretsch Mount - for Professional Gretsch guitars - comes with compression rubber

   - NE Filter'Tron Mount - for solid body guitars - comes with compression rubber

   - English Mount - no ring required if suspended from pickguard or ring

  • EM1 Ring Kit - USA Gibson-style ring with mounting screws
  • EM2 Ring Kit - Gretsch surround with ring risers and mounting screws
  • EM3 Ring Kit - Dogear-style ring
   - P-90 Soapbar Mount  - comes with compression rubber

Type of music best suited for:

   • Rockabilly        • Blues        • Country        • Rock n' Roll        • Jazz