TV Jones Pickup - Starwood Strat Pickup


Starwood Strat Pickup - No Modification Required

TV Jones introduces it's first Strat-style pickup after years of requests. They have harnessed the tone and soul of TV Jones and fitted it into the traditional Strat footprint. The stock size allows for a direct drop in replacement to any traditional Strat pickup currently installed on your guitar.

Strat® pickup with T-Armond Flair

​The NEW TV Jones Starwood Series harnesses the tone and soul of TV Jones into a traditional sized pickup – no modifications necessary.

The latest edition to the Starwood Series is the Strat set. The full bodied T-Armond meets Classic Strat. The bridge pickup sparkles with a husky presence (due to our patent-pending steel gadget), while the middle pickup growls with good clarity, and works well as a secondary bridge tone. The neck position has explosive dynamics with a wide Q – reminiscent of a large single-coil DeArmond.

Bridge: DC Resistance: 11.25K | Inductance: 4.2H
Middle: DC Resistance: 7.4K | Inductance: 4.39H
Neck: DC Resistance: 7.1K | Inductance:2.19H

Likeness/Derived from:

Strat with T-Armond flair

.047 uF capacitors and 250k pots recommended