TV Jones Pickup - T-Armond with Soapbar (P90) Mount


T-Armond With Soapbar (P90) Mount

The TV Jones T-Armond uses .238” American-made cylinder magnets. Adjustable cylinder magnets enable each string to be dialed in for the perfect, sweet DeArmond tone. The T-Armond comes with 2-conductor “switchable” wiring to solve any out-of-phase issues. 

Bridge: Wider pole spacing, which places a magnet directly under each string, results in optimum string separation and output. This pickup is wound with thinner magnet wire to enhance it’s thicker tone. 

Neck: Shorter cylinder magnets give the neck pickup a clear, transparent and balanced tone with less string pull. 

Full and bold – bridge position Clear
Transparent tone – neck position 

Likeness/Derived from:
Traditional DeArmond pickup

Mounting options available:

   - P-90 Soapbar Mount - comes with compression rubber

   - DeArmond Mount - shims for fine tune adjusting included

   - T-Series - All NEW Filter'Tron Housing!

Type of music best suited for: 

   • Surf Music        • Rockabilly        • Rock n’ Roll        • Finger Style        • Country 


*4 conductor wire is not recommended.
Mounting screws sold separately