TV Jones Pickup - Power'Tron with Soapbar Mount (P90) - Powertron


TV Power'Tron With Soapbar (P90) Mount

The Power’Tron was born out of TV Jones desire to create a pickup with a stronger midrange presence and higher output than the TV Classic. 

Bridge: Two extra-tall bobbins allow for more winds of standard-gauge magnet wire. Single treble notes are reproduced with a fuller tone, while bass notes twang out deep and clear. Overall, the tone is remarkably close to a 1950’s PAF Humbucker, blended with the zing and twang of a Filter’Tron™. 

Neck: Standard bobbins over-wound with standard-gauge magnet wire. The resulting tone is slightly darker and hotter than a TV Classic neck.

TV Classic on steroids Overall slightly darker - punchy mids and clean treble Gibson-like with Filter’Tron™ overtones. If purchased with four conductor wiring the coils can be split or wired in parallel - NOTE: please ask if you need 4 conductor wiring

Likeness/Derived from: 
1950’s Gibson Humbucker Fatter than the TV Classic Plus  

Mounting Options available: 

   - NE Filter'Tron Mount - comes standard with short pole screws and compression rubber

   - English Mount - no ring required when mounting on pickguard 
  • EM1 Ring Kit - USA Gibson-style Ring with mounting screws
  • EM2 Ring Kit - Modified Gretsch Ring with ring risers and mounting screws
  • EM3 Ring Kit - Dogear Ring

PLEASE NOTE - English Mount Pickup Rings sold separately

   - Humbucker Mount (traditional Gibson-style humbucker housing) -plastic cover available upon request

   - P-90 Soapbar Mount - comes with compression rubber - choose your pickup colour and pole-point / screw colour

   - DeArmond Mount - shims for fine tune adjusting included (mounting screws sold separately)