Vintage V6HMRSB Icon




This is a guitar which has been around the block - or has it??

This V6 Icon takes everything which is great about a Strat-Type guitar, grunges it up and makes it affordable to almost everyone.

One of the truly brilliant things about Strat-type guitars is that they can do almost any musical style you like. From Country to Blues, Rock to Funk, Indie, Reggae, Soul...absolutely anything you care to throw at it, it handles with consummate ease.

The V6 is right out of that universally famous mould - but with a few little tricks up its sleeve.

This version comes with the richer sounding alder body (not the Eastern Poplar which is usually used) and a one-piece hard maple neck. This combination gives a warmth and depth of sound, without losing the the sharp edge for which these types of guitars are famous.

Usually, you would associate a guitar like this with three single coils - but not this one.  You still get a single coil in the neck and middle, but the bridge has a Wilkinson humbucker fitted.  This further adds to the warmth and depth of sound and adds some real bottom end 'grunt' to the tone.

The V6 Icon has been professionally distressed (haven't we all??), giving the appearance of being well travelled - the kind of guitar you would like to sit down and have a beer with.  There are appropriately placed paint rubs on the body and wear-marks on the neck and fretboard. The hard-wear has been gently rusted in keeping with the rest of the guitar's vibe.

There is no doubting that the V6 Icon is a looker - it is a great player as well.  It's easy to own and easy to love and has a tone which, although extremely familiar, has dark layers and an undercurrent of brooding menace.

You would be extremely hard-pressed to find a guitar which played so well, sounded so good and looked sooo cool for so little money.  It's a 'must-have.' 


Body: Alder

Neck: One Piece Hard Maple – Bolt On

Fingerboard: Rosewood

Scale: 25.5”/648mm

Frets: 22

Neck Inlays: Pearloid Dot

Tuners: Wilkinson® WJ55D E-Z-Lok™ Distressed

Vibrato: Wilkinson® WVCD Distressed

Pickups: Wilkinson® Single Coil x 2 (N) WVS (M) WVS Wilkinson® Humbucker x1 (B) WHHB

Scratchplate: Mock Tortoiseshell

Hardware: Distressed Nickel

Controls: 1 x Volume/ 2 x Tone/ 5-Way Lever