Vintage V6MRBK Road Worn Icon model



In the 'real world' you just wouldn't do this to a guitar of your own. Sure, if you been trailing it around dive bars for 50 years, it might get like this all on its own, but realistically, even the hardest playing hombre is going to have to be pathologically neglectful to let his 'best friend' end up in this state.  That said, there is something cool about a guitar which looks like it has a story to tell. Each chip and every fag burn hints at wild times on the road. So - whaddya do? Simple - buy a Vintage Icon.

The V6 has the legendary looks and tone of the guitar it is modeled upon. It has the triple single coils with the five-way shifter and whammy bar which can take you anywhere from Buddy Holly to Jimi Hendrix and all points in between.

The Boulevard Black finish is professionally distressed in the areas of high wear, which gives the guitar a wonderfully (but believably) stage worn appearance.

Underneath the 'drama' of the appearance there lurks an absolutely belting Strat-type guitar.  From the Wilkinson EZ-Lok tuners, to the Wilkinson trem-bridge and hat-trick of spanky single-coils, this guitar is a thoroughbred.

It has a slippy low action and easy playing position which will make you forget how little you paid. The Eastern Polar body and maple neck bounce the notes out, and with the familiar feel, this guitar is groove-ready.

The V6 Icon is more than a novelty - it is a really, really good electric guitar.  Even the snobby and brand-conscious guitar mag hacks had great difficulty in finding a single thing wrong with these guitars.

For this kind of money, the ready knackered V6 makes a brilliant, worry-free gigging guitar - I mean, what else could you do to it?


  • Body: Eastern Poplar
  • Neck: Hard Maple – Bolt On
  • Fingerboard: Maple
  • Scale: 25.5"/648mm
  • Frets: 22
  • Neck Inlays: Pearloid Dot
  • Tuners: Wilkinson® WJ55 E-Z-LOK™
  • Vibrato: Wilkinson® WVC
  • Pickups: Wilkinson® Single Coil x 3 (N)WVS (M)WVS (B)WVS
  • Hardware: Chrome
  • Controls: 1 x Volume/ 2 x Tone/ 5-Way Lever